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Access to our documentary video library with a variety of popular careers, interviewing real people about the ins and outs of their job. More documentaries are added each month based on feedback from our users! 

Real World Bonus Section

We believe in real world, usable information and advice. Our bonus section is where we provide information to help solve problems you might encounter in the real world. "How to make a stand out resume", "How to get ahead in college classes", "What to look for in a company" just to name a few. 

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What do real students think about Career Conversations?

The documentaries were helpful to me. They gave me a better idea of what it was actually working like in those fields. They we're very informative. I was interested in Marketing but it helped me to realize that's not something I actually wanted to do since it's not what I thought it was.



High School Class of 2022

Walking through the different schedules of people in different jobs helped break down what it is exactly that I'd be getting into if I majored in fields like that. Watching these documentaries helped me think more about the job I want after college, instead of just thinking about majors.



High School Class of 2021

Career Conversations was a big help in deciding what I want to do in the future. Watching these (documentaries) was kind of like shadowing somebody, without actually going to their work and following them around all day.



High School Class of 2021