Our Mission

Our mission is to help people feel confident in their career decisions by providing real, usable information obtained from people that have been through it all already. We also strive to provide supplemental material that provides "real world" type of knowledge that people will actually use in their professional lives as well as in their personal lives. 

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Looked at the FAQ section and still have questions, comments, or feedback? Feel free to contact us. We will typically respond within 48 hours. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the documentaries?

While each job and hence each documentary is different, most average between 30 and 50 minutes

long. And of course there are some exceptions. Some occupations that a very deep can last over an hour. However, we have broken them up into smaller sections so that you can watch in chunks!

Why is there sometimes a pause or bleep in the audio recording?

This is because the privacy of our documentary subjects is one of our top priorities. If you hear a bleep or pause, it's because they said something that our editing team felt was a little too specific. It could have been someone's name or a very specific place, etc. You never know with that internet now a days! 




What if I couldn't make out what someone said?

All of our documentaries come with captioning. Just turn the closed captioning on and you can read what was said if you like. If the captions fail for some reason, contact us at support@careerconversations.co and let us know which documentary and part you had trouble understanding. We will make sure to repair the captioning!




Is there a way I can get Career Conversations in my school?

Yes! While we unfortunately don't have a sales team large enough to reach out to each school, if you think that our platform is something your school should have, contact us at support@careerconversations.co with the following info:

1. The words "I want Career Conversations in my school or library" in the subject line

2. The name and email address of your school career center or counselor

We will then contact them (and cc'ing you) letting them know that one of their students would like to see Career Conversations at their location. We will then walk them through the process from there. 

*Please keep in mind that the process to get into a school system takes time. If you don't want to wait for your school to go through the process, you can still purchase an upgraded Career Conversations account and once your school approves and implements our platform, you will be refunded your entire amount spent with us. 




Why don't you just follow these people around with a camera and get real footage?

Unfortunately, with many jobs (usually the jobs that are the most interesting), being able to get clearance to go into a company with recording equipment is usually not feasible. 



What is the difference between these documentaries and the videos on Youtube?

While most of the videos on Youtube pertaining to specific jobs and careers are nice and well put together, they lack the in depth, real life, daily grind type of information that our documentaries provide. Our goal is to provide you with as much real world, usable information that only those who have actually been there and done that can provide.  




What if I am having a technical problem?

For technical issues, contact us at support@careerconversations.co with the following information:

Tech Issue in the subject line and then in the body a description of the following: What is the issue? When is it happening? The more info you can provide, the better we can help with your issue! 

Why is there slight noise in some parts of the documentaries?


Unfortunately, Covid-19 was a devastating pandemic that affected many people (our hearts and prayers go out to anyone that may have suffered loss due to it). One of the ways that it affected our company was that we were unable to do in person interviews for our documentaries which led to a reduction in audio quality. We decided to continue on with our mission however in order to help those struggling with career indecision. 

However, we made the best effort possible to make sure that the content released was able to be heard and understood to get you the most important aspect of our documentaries - the actual content and information. Having said that, we also decided to reduce our premiums for our upper level memberships to reflect this as well. Going forward, future documentaries will have a set standard of audio quality. 

I have things that I would like to see on Career Conversations... What Should I do?


That is great! Our #1 source of what we release each month comes primarily from user feedback. So if you don't tell us what you want to see, chances are someone else is going to. So make your voice heard by filling that form at the top of this page and tell us what you want to see - that could be a specific line of work, someone with a specific degree, or some sort of real world knowledge that you think would be useful (things to know before buying a house, - this of course is just a generic example). 

Is there a way to get Career Conversations into my local library?


Yes! Simply email us at support@careerconversations.co with the subject line "I want Career Conversations in my library". Then just provide us with your local library name and we will reach out to them and have our platform installed on their computers!