This is the career advice your school didn't teach you.

Don't waste your time and money trying to pursue something only to find out that it isn't what you thought it was.


At Career Conversations, our job is to make sure you know the ins and outs of your future career BEFORE you start the long journey.

"It was like shadowing someone at work without actually having to go to their work."

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Would you like to know what work will be like BEFORE you choose a college, trade school, or first job?

Career Conversations' Job Documentaries are a way to gain insight into a career field before you make that investment into higher education.

Why is job exposure important?


Because interests are different than careers!

picking the wrong career or major

One of the biggest misconceptions out there when it comes to choosing a major or trade school is that studying what you are interested in is the way to go.

This is a very, very sneaky trap that many people fall into. You have an interest and you go down a path towards a career around that interest.


But then one day you start to see what the jobs are like in that field. You quickly realize that even though you still have your interest, this sort of work is NOT what you signed up for! 

job documentary   noun

job ​doc·​u·​ment·​a·​ry

Definition of job documentary 

1: A series of interviews and video combined to create a second hand experience of what a job is like. Content typically consists of education actually needed, what that education was like, what day to day work is like, daily tasks and responsibilities, best and worst parts of the job, advice for those interested in pursuing the same type of career, and much more!

2: (alt) Job Shadowing from home

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A small sample of the documentaries currently in our library... with  more added every month!

what does a lawyer or attorney do everyday


what does a preschool teacher do


what does a chemist do


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what does a surveyor do


what does a geologist do everyday


what does a police officer do

Police Officer

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Business Analyst

What do real students think about Career Conversations?

The documentaries were helpful to me. They gave me a better idea of what it was actually working like in those fields. They we're very informative. I was interested in Marketing but it helped me to realize that's not something I actually wanted to do since it's not what I thought it was.



High School Class of 2022

Walking through the different schedules of people in different jobs helped break down what it is exactly that I'd be getting into if I majored in fields like that. Watching these documentaries helped me think more about the job I want after college, instead of just thinking about majors.



High School Class of 2021

Career Conversations was a big help in deciding what I want to do in the future. Watching these (documentaries) was kind of like shadowing somebody, without actually going to their work and following them around all day.



High School Class of 2021

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Why are job documentaries the way to go?


Isn't that what internships are for?

Absolutely! And internships are actually great experiences. They give you that real world experience that can tell you that what the job field is like.


The only problem is that most internships are only available to students in their sophomore, junior, or senior years of college usually after they have chosen a major. Also, most students typically only do 1-2 internships max! 

Why not get exposed to a bunch of different work before choosing a college or a major?